Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm Back, hopefully for good.

Here is my update. Four months late.I go to Murray State University now. It is located in far Southwestern Kentucky on the Tennessee, Kentucky state line. Pretty far south. I'm about 3 and a half hours from home. I hate to go home. I've only been home once this semester so far. But so far life has been good down here.College is definitly a new experiece. No longer can I just go in and take a test and get a good grade. I actually gotta work. Living on my own is definitly a new experience as well. I've had to clean the room and learn how to do laundry by myself.And meeting new friends. I love my friends. Its definitly weird that they are not from where I'm from. My friends come from Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and places as far away like New Jersey.

Friday, October 19, 2007


I am freshmen down at Murray State now, I will give you a full update of the last ten months, tomorrow or this weekend.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Recap of this Semester

This semester is over wow! I'm going to tell you about the teachers and the class. It was a great semester.

1. Resource- Hated this because my teacher wouldn't let us sleep. It sucked.
2. Civil War- Had this teacher sophomore and once again he was my favorite. It was awesome the whole classs can connect with him.
3. English- I've never had a class that is this big of a joke. I sleep in there and I still get good grades. And last I had English with the hardest teacher ever.
4. Creative Writing- Taught by my English teacher last year. He was hard in there and still was hard. He's a hard teacher but a good one. It was fun. Done with him though, it felt weird walking out of his classroom because I will never have him again and the last time I didn't have him was sophomore year.
5. Catholic Social Teachings- Fun class with interesting issues. But she emphasized the bible too much. But she was nice.
6. Lunch
7. Journalism- had him last year and hes same old same old.
8. Math- Same redneck teacher I had last year, fun and easier, I had a 92 and a 94, and an 88 on the exam woot.

Its been a fun one but now it time to move to another semester.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A True Update

I haven't posted in over a month but I have been busy in life. Over the last couple of weeks, I went to Kansas, and I have been hanging out with friends.

My school has been doing pretty well athletically as well in the major sports not so much in minor sports. My school won its seventeenth state championship over this time as well. We won the game 41-7, what a way to win a state title. My high school basketball team is 5-0 for the first time in school history, we are the last undefeated team left in the Louisville area. My school hasn't done well in wrestling and hockey, both in the top 5 regularly. We have already lost two wrestling matches this weekend, we only lost five all of last season. And in hockey, we were runners up last in the State, this year we are 1-2-2. We lost one game 10-0. Its bad. Because one of my best friends is on the hockey team and said this is the year we win a state title.

Work continues to go well. We have had record sales. Its amazing. When I started back in Febuary, my store was a place to work and have fun goofing off. Now we are actually working all around the store. There are doubled the amount of cashiers. Its good for the store but you know I miss the people who have left. There are only six of us that have been there since April. A lot of the new people don't understand why we like to have fun with each other. We will bag for each other and talk. We will also have fun with the supervisors. We would be able to talk about life. Now it like, its work and more work. Thats good news for the owners, but last night was the first time in a lonnggggggggggg time that four of the six workers were together, we had fun, it was us four teenagers and not the two adults. I miss the old times.

I love my car. Its fun to drive. I love driving all over town. I have had two minor accidents where I busted my tire when I hit a rock and another car got scratched because my friends were blocking me. Nothing much.

My grades are great this year. I am going to make honor roll for the fifth straight quarter. That makes it 12 out 14 quarter. There is only one more semester left in high school. This year is going by fast. I have a lot to talk about this year with teachers.

In getting ready for college news, I have been accepted into Western Kentucky and I am waiting on my number one choice, Murray State. This has been a great first semester.

I have exams this week and then I am out for Christmas Break for Two and a half weeks, you can kind of say its three weeks, because I have Senior Retreat the first three days I get back. Tomorrow is the start of Christmas Break! Woo and Hoo! Oh yeah, the Cats are going to the Music City Bowl!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

How Bout them Cats!

How bout them Cats! UK has won their 6th game this year and now were bowl eligble for the first time since 1999. If South Carolina loses to Florida, UK will finish third in the SEC East! Its a great thing when you are 6-4 for the first time in a long time. I was in third grade when we last made a bowl game!

Oh and my High School team is in the playoffs again, we have not missed the playoffs since the 60's. We made it through our district with a 56-7 win and 36-7 win. But our rival lost to a public school who has been #1 all season 33-7. But we have to play them this week to move onto the semifinal for the 11th times in 12 years. Now last year we would of not had to play them. But now they made it to where Louisville will not have 2 teams in the State title game. One side of the county (my school) was with eastern kentucky which has no good teams. And the football rich west, now we have north south, west, and east. But grr, for the first time in 9 years there won't be two Louisvile teams. Louisville has had 10 straight championships with the last one coming from Nelson County who has won a game in 3 years now.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Six Day Weekend is here at Last!!!!!!!!

Finally, my six day weekend is here. Its about time. I have been waitning for this since Labor Day, which was our last long weekend.

Seniors have a Six Day Fall Break, Juniors go for a half day tomorrow, and Frosh and Sophs have a regular full day, hahahaha. Then a five day weekend for the rest.

I am so ready for this. I only work Wednsday and Thursday, and then I'm Friday and Saturday!!

Its gonna be a great weekend, as the next day, I go to school is Tuesday!

So have you had any long time off lately.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pride Week for My School is This Week!

This Friday, the biggest high school rivalry in America returns for a 51st meeting. We draw 30,000-40,000 every year in this game. It has been voted the top high school football rivalry by many sites.

This year my school is 3-1, with a 28-3 win over a top 20 team and a 56-7 win and a 49-7 win. Go Rocks Beat St. X.

Fun events all week in school!